Herzlich Willkommen
bei der Österreichisch-Kosovarischen Gesellschaft

The Austrian-Kosovo-Society is a non-profit organization with the aim of strengthening the cultural, social and scientific relations between Austria and Kosovo. Benefiting from the many Austrians living in Kosovo, Kosovars living in Austria and numerous friends of Austria and Kosovo, members of the organization and their affiliates enjoy sharing the traditions, culture and history of both places.

The organization is also a leading advocate for positioning both Austria and Kosovo within the larger international community. Exhibitions, presentations, discussions or the annual "Wiener Ball" are only some of the organization's regular activities. Our monthly newsletter outlines activities, articles and other items of interest.

You are most welcome to join our group OeKG (Osterreichisch-Kosovarische Gesellschaft). If you are interested in a membership, please contact us:


email: info@oekg-ks.org

I am looking forward to meeting you

Dr. Remzie Shahini-Hoxhaj


Yes to Kosovo

Cross Party Public Advocacy Committee for EU Integration of the Republic of Kosovo