born 15 June 1978, Austrian

Beate Dastel is an expert in planning, monitoring and evaluation and has long-standing experience in migration, regional development and community questions in multiple sectors. Beate is a geographer and land-use planner by training – she has graduated at the Faculty of Earth Sciences, Geography and Astronomy of the University of Vienna and holds two post-graduate degrees in land use planning and international relations. She is an alumni of the Diplomatic Academy of Vienna’s 43rd Diploma Course “Hannah Arendt”. She is currently registered at George Washington University’s Master Evaluator Certificate Programme and is doing her doctoral studies in migration monitoring at the University of Vienna.

She has spent two years as research analyst at the Institute for Urban and Regional Research at the Austrian Academy of Sciences. Her research dealt with migration in and socio-economic development of European cities and outskirts, and she is co-author of a publication on housing development on the outskirts of Vienna. Her previous work experience involves private consultancy businesses and agencies of the United Nations. She also served as project manager of the Economic Symposium the Austrian Think Tank European Forum Alpbach. Since 2010 she is heading the Monitoring and Evaluation section of the UNICEF Kosovo office, engaging in internal oversight, capacity-building of local institutions in monitoring and leveraging for UNICEF’s core activity areas and beyond.

Beate’s personal interests lie in development economics and the promotion of modern ethical management ideas and leadership models in relation to international development. She is convinced that her academic background and professional experience would allow her to continue to positively contribute towards the achievement of European and global development objectives, such as the promotion of child rights and accountability for children.

Beate likes yoga, dancing, hiking and sewing and is a big fan of crime novels of various authors. In here leisure time, she likes to spend time with her partner and family in Austria and to visit friends in different places. She has been travelling a lot and is looking forward to explore many more places in the coming years.

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