9th Nov 2012 Marine Ball in Pristina


wished HAPPY 237th Birthday, MARINES! Semper Fi! 

Then the informal part started with Dinner and photos with the marine followed by dancing. Also the president of OeKG, Mrs. Roswitha Brieger and her Husband, H.E. Amb.Johann Brieger were amongst the invited guests. 



The Establishment of Marine Security Guards


The first recorded instance of direct protective support of an American diplomatic mission was in 1835. In that year, 40 Marines from the USS Brandywine landed at Lima, Peru to protect the American community from groups of lawless armed desperados or bandits known as the Monteneros. 

During the next 70 years or so, scores o f such landings were made bys Marines to provide direct protective support to Foreign Service Missions and American communities in periods of unusual turmoil. Shortly after World War II, the Department of state re-examined their problem of obtaining sufficient guards of high caliber for protection of their Foreign Posts throughout the world. Prior to this time, the State Department had followed the practices of hiring civilians, both American and foreign, for the protection of these etablishments. This practice had proven very unsatisfactory. The civilian guard that the State Department had been using were in most cases of doubtful backgrounds, and limited ability. Thus, it was only natural the thoughts should turn toward the establishment of a guard force that was young, alert, trained, and under strong discipline. In other words, a military force.

In September 1947 a proposal was made to the war Department to furnish military personnel for Foreign Service guard duty. During January 1949, fifteen Marine Guards departed for posts, six to Bangkok, Thailand, and nine to Tangiers, Algeria. By the end of May 1949, 303 Marines were assigned to posts throughout the world. Additionally, only single Marines were assigned to Embassy Duty. This was based on transportation costs, housing and to ensure Embassy Duty in locations that cover the globe. These "Ambassadors in Blue", as they sometimes referred to, go through a rigorous screening process and a course of instruction to ensure only the elite are assigned to duty as Marine Security Guards.