24th Nov. 2012: Austrian Ball in Tirana




OeKG (Austrian Kosovo Association - Österreichisch-Kosovarische Gesellschaft) as well as the Austrian Ambassador to Kosovo, Johann Brieger  together with his wife Roswitha Brieger, president of OeKG.   Even though the opening of the Wiener Ball was not made  with a "Young ladies and gentlemen Committee"  (Polonaise), but with a famous soprano singer Mrs. Ardita Meni accompanied by the Orchestra of Tirana Opera, it was a very  elegant opening and in the background impressions of our opera house and ballet performances were shown.  Great music was played through the rest of the ball evening by the "Qerimaj Family" (very well known Roma Musician family) and the "Akustika Band". Many guests enjoyed not only the excellent Austrian food but also the dancing. The midnight surprise was a performance of the Tirana Opera Ballet - they danced Waltz in ballet version. Also a ticket Draw with wonderful prizes took place and among these prizes there was even a typical Austrian Dirndl.  A big THANK YOU  to Mrs. Felsinger, who was the main organizer of the Wiener Ball. One could see her and her husband's (Mr. Felsinger, president of ASA) enthusiasm, because even their children came from abroad to this Wiener Ball.