5th Dec. 2012: Evening before Nikolaus celebration




Nicholas came with his big bag full of gifts for the children and 42 children were waiting for him and got all very excited and each one of them received a little red goody bag filled with nuts, chocolate, mandarines and many more good items. But not only the children had fun, also nearly 50 adults, who followed the motto: black / red  enjoyed themselves with "Glühwein", Christmas cookies and other food and the snow fall outside  gave the whole evening a romantic and already a Christmas touch. It was a great success. 

OeKG did not allow "Krampus" to scare the children, because anyways they all have been soo good children. 



The story about Saint Nicholas

Once upon a time there lived a small boy with the name Nicholas in the rich city Patara (former Lykien - Greek, now Turkish). The parents from Nicholas died nearly at the same time of a bad disease, so Nicholas cried day and night.

Nicholas inherited their incredible wealth: gold, silver,jewelry, big houses, castles, land and also many servants, who took care of him. Also sheep, horses, donkeys and many other animals belonged to him. Nevertheless Nicholas was very, very sad and he could not appreciate his wealth. For this reason his employers wanted to cheer him up. The Steward wanted to show him all his castles. The equerry wanted to ride with Nicholas through the country. The chef told him, that he could also invite other rich children and prepare a good meal for all of them.

But Nicholas did not want to know about any of these offers, his sadness became worse every day, until also his animals felt that he was endlessly sad. They wanted to cheer him up, by coming very close to him. From all the crying, he was tired and when he wanted to go to bed, he accidently broke a vase in which scrolls were hidden. Nicholas took one scroll and started to read: “There was a rich man who lived with joy. There was a beggar in front of his door and wanted only some bread crumbs, which the rich did not want to give. When the poor man died, he was carried by angels, but when the rich man died, nobody came to carry him.”

Am I not like this rich man? Nicholas thought. I am dressed in beautiful and very expensive clothes and I live high. The poor in front of the city door, I don’t see with my eyes. But tomorrow I am going to change my life. On the next morning Nicholas went secretly out of the palace. At the city door he found the poorest of the poor ones, in ragged clothes, sick and miserable. When they saw Nicholas, they reached out for him. Nicholas wanted to take out something from his pockets, but realized that his clothes didn’t even have pockets, therefore he gave his heavy gold chain, which he took from his neck, then his ring, and all the other jewelry he was wearing in that moment. Then he even removed his upper clothes, the shoes and gave all to the poor. Suddenly Nicholas heart became very warm and he walked peaceful and happy back home. Now he was happy again.

On the next day Nicholas ordered his tailor to sew big pockets on his clothes. Happy he dressed with this coat and walked in the evening through the garden. He filled his pockets with nuts, apples and tangerines. Again he escaped from the palace and went to the poor and gave them everything.

From now on Nicholas gave nearly every evening something to the poor of the city and gone was his sadness.

When Nicholas became twelve years old, he attended a school, which was not far from his palace. Famous teachers taught him the holy scripture. Always when he saw poverty and hardship he gave with full hands. But he always did it secretly. 

Once when he went to a service in a church, words were read, which have made Jesus to a rich man: „If you want to belong to me, give everything what belongs to you, to the poor“. Nicholas thought a lot about these words, again and again until he called his steward and ordered him to distribute all his money and his land mamongst the poor. Nicholas wanted to go to the holy land, where Jesus Christ has lived. Nicholas suffered a lot on his pilgrimage. He got hurt, didn’t have anything to eat nor to drink, but with all this deprivation he still remained cheerful. He went through the whole country and preached the word of God. He told children stories about the Bible.

One day he came back to his home country. In Myra a few weeks before a bishop has died. When they saw Nicholas, they asked him who he was. He answered: “I am Nicholas, a servant of God.” The people led Nicholas to the church and appointed him to a Bishop. When he went out of the doors, he saw his old, grey donkey fastened at his door. From this time on his donkey became a fast companion. Nicholas took care of the faithful as a shepherd for his sheep. In times of danger he was preaching in lonely and hidden places and reinforced their beliefs.

On his Birthday Nicholas always dressed up in this precious bishop coat and took his crosier. Onto his donkey he loaded a bag full of nuts, tangerines, apples and honey cake. Nicholas went through the streets and distributed the gifts, which made this day always very special for him. This he did until old age. When the hour came as God wanted to take him home, the one thing which was most difficult for him, was to say good bye to the children.

Bishop Nicholas died on December 6th, 352. The Nicholas Day is still celebrated in honor of Saint Nicholas and is the herald of Christmas Day.