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on our WEBsite and maybe one of you might be interested in helping them to get their necessary means to continue this worthwhile project. 

Below you are going to find a brief summary from  NGO “Duart Plote Meshire”  about their activities:

WHO ARE “Duart Plote Meshire”?

They are a non profit organization which has been established immediately after the war and mainly is functioning (existing) from donations coming from abroad. Initially the organization started to take care of sick people who had no opportunity or economic means for purchasing medications or to go to a hospital. According to the last official information from “Duart Plote Meshire” 7 % of the population is living in extreme poverty with only 75 cents per day per person, then over 28 % are living in very poor conditions with only 1.5 Euros per day per person, so there is an urgent need to help these people.

While visiting these families  “Duart Plote Meshire” realized that there are also other urgent needs which should be supported within those families. As outcome of these visits the organization came to the conclusion that they should focus not only on one but on three programs, which are:

1. Psycho-social program

2. House care for sick people

3. Humanitarian Aid

Their first program/topic  PSYCHO-SOCIAL  was introduced when “Duart Plote Meshire” realized by visiting the different houses and patients that the children, who lived there, had serious problems at school which were the result of the other family members not taking care of them or they were mentally disordered children. At present time there are 35 children who are visiting the daily programs offered at “Duart Plote Meshire”. The organization takes also care of the transport (picking them up at their homes and bringing them back). They work in two groups - the first group from 08:30 hrs to 11:30 hrs and the second group from 12:30 hrs to 15:30 hrs. The children are coming 3 times a week and attending each time a 3 hours session. These children are attending also regular schools but they need some extra support and work at the center due the fact that they have serious problems at school. 

Regarding HOUSE CARE OF SICK PEOPLE there are several groups (in total 478 patients): there are patients that need daily visit and treatment, some of them 3 times a week and some of them need only 1 visit per week. There are also cases that need also visits during the weekend. Except visiting them our organization is also providing medication for free that is donated to our organization, some of the medications are also purchased within country since they are available. We have to mention that our nurses are also taking care of major cases (major diseases or injuries) if we have means of support. These are cases that sometimes even family members hesitate to do not to mention regular Medical Care (official doctors or nurses) who, if they are not paid, will not go for visits. Except advising or treating them regarding sickness, our nurses advice families regarding hygienic issues because in most of these families there is no hygienic awareness at all. 

There are more than 250 families or approximately 600 persons who are demanding help from Duart Plote Meshire. As mentioned above whenever the organization has  goods and things to give, such as basic food items, they are normally distributed to these people once every 3-4 months. HUMANITARIAN AID 

It is important to mention that this organization is not making any differences on religion, race, nationality or gender, for them all are equal.

More pictures you can find under photogallery: http://www.oekg-ks.org/?cid=2,8,143

If you want to support this NGO “Duart Plote Meshire” “Hands of Mercy ” “Hӓnde voll Erbarmen” - in Pejë - either with money or goods which are helpful for those people in need, please contact:

NGO “Duart Plote Meshire” “Hands of Mercy ” “Hӓnde voll Erbarmen” -Pejë

Address:  Vitomerice II  30090 Pejë Tel / Fax - 00 381 39 441 457  Mob. 044/199 430

Email address: shtepiaeshpreses@hotmail.com, webpage: www.dpm-rks.org 

or donate your money directly to:

Hilfprojekt KOSOVO, "Hände voll Erbarmen", "Duart Plote Meshire)

account number / IBAN code: AT47 5300 0014 5402 5020 



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