22nd Jan.2013: Cérémonie-50ème anniversaire du Traité de l'Elysée


and prosperity, where sovereign and independent states sworn enemies (Germany and France) would commit themselves to a common European vision. They agreed that historic mistakes, which had undermined all attempts to build a normal life in Europe may not be corrected without initial recognition of the reality already in existence of these two states. That economic prosperity and the values and ideals of democracy may not come to life without cessation of animosities. 

That peace and internal stability are crucial to external empowerment, may not be built under threat and duress; that advancement of Europe in general and of these two countries in particular may not happen wihtout historic reconcilitation between them - NOT forgetting the history and the sacrifce of many generations for the protection of the territorial integrity of the two states but promising that the war must never replace dialogue and that the bitter past, full of victims and suffering, must never be repeated. 

Today, in all corners of Europe - Europe has seen progress in the past five decades as never before, this historic signature upon an agreement of friendship between two states engulfed in state of war, two people that in modern time knew nothing but hatred for each other, is rememered with piety." 


If you are interested in the speech of the German Ambassador Peter Blomeyer then kindly refer to the WEBsite of the German Embassy in Pristina:

"Frei ist nur der, der sich wo nötig auch vom Bann der Vergangenheit lösen kann, um die Zukunft zu gewinnen."