8th June 2013: Simply frustrating: Truck with humanitarian goods stopped at Hungarian/Serbian Border

Sister Maria Martha from NGO “Duart Plote Meshire” “Hands of Mercy ” “Hӓnde voll Erbarmen” - in Pejë and Mrs. Elisabeth Gowing from The Ideas Partnership are very disappointed and sad, because to these two projects the goods should have been donated. 

As Toys4Them Tour is a private initiative, they needed to distribute the collected items this weekend and found a worthy recipient in Hungary.


If you want to support this NGO “Duart Plote Meshire” “Hands of Mercy ” “Hӓnde voll Erbarmen” - in Pejë - either with money or goods which are helpful for those people in need, please contact:

NGO “Duart Plote Meshire” “Hands of Mercy ” “Hӓnde voll Erbarmen” -Pejë

Address:  Vitomerice II  30090 Pejë Tel / Fax - 00 381 39 441 457  Mob. 044/199 430

Email address: shtepiaeshpreses@hotmail.com, webpage: www.dpm-rks.org 

or donate your money directly to:

Hilfprojekt KOSOVO, "Hände voll Erbarmen", "Duart Plote Meshire)

account number / IBAN code: AT47 5300 0014 5402 5020 



If you also want to support the project “The Ideas Partnership NGO”, please kindly contact:

Tel.No. : +377.44.661.797 Mrs. Elisabeth Gowing Director or read their WEBsite and donate directly:





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