15th July 2013: Pre-concert of two Austrian Professors (Summer Music Academy) at Austrian Ambassador's Residence



But everybody can listen to this wonderful music, not only from Austria, but also from Czech Republic, Germany, Hungary, Kosovo, Luxemburg and Serbia. Please kindly refer to the program of the Summer Academy as well as to the WEBsite of the Academy below. Thank you. Hope to see you all there. 


Oto Vrhovnik, Saxophonist of Austria, studied in Maribor,Grazand in Paris, where he worked with Prof. Daniel Deffayet and Prof. Jean-Marie Londeix. Since then he has endeavored to make the classical saxophone acknowledged in Central Europe. Because of his many international appearances as a teacher and soloist the classical saxophone’s popularity grew quickly. In 1979 he started teaching at the conservatory in Grazand in 1985 as the first and only professor up to now at the University of Music and Dramatic Arts in Vienna. Because of his never ending commitment, ambition and perseverance, and comprehensive promotion of the classical saxophone in various chamber formations (e.g. Saxophone Quartet, Saxophone Orchestra, etc.), the saxophone became increasingly popular in Vienna. Oto Vrhovnik managed to establish a course for the classical saxophone at the University of Music in Vienna, which he successfully manages himself. Because of that, the classical saxophone obtained an equal status to other instruments in the University of Music and Dramatic Arts Vienna. Many excellent saxophonists and teachers were his students: Christian Maurer, Peter Rohrsdorfer, Gerald Preinfalk, Martin Steinkogler, Michael Reingruber, Lev Pupis, Harald Müller, Zhiyuan Li, etc… Many co-operations with various orchestras such as Vienna Philharmonic, Vienna State Opera, Berlin Philharmonic, and numerous recordings of LP’s to CD-ROM, from solo to saxophone quartet, saxophone orchestra, etc., are a tribute to his success. In 2000, Mag. Oto Vrhovnik was appointed as a regular university professor for the classical saxophone at the University of Music and Dramatic Arts in Vienna 



Bertram Egger, clarinetist of Austria, received his high-school diploma at the HTBL Kapfenberg in 1980 and continued the studies of clarinet at theCollege ofMusic and Performing Arts inGraz, taught by Prof. Steinwidder. In 1986 he obtained diploma of concert studies passed with distinction. After the award of a teacher’s degree (final exams for education on musical and instrumental issues passed with distinction) and graduation to „magister artium“ in 1987, he become a teacher of clarinet at the College of Music and Performing Arts in Graz and at the HIB Graz/Liebenau in1988. Since 1997 he was teacher at the musical high schoolGraz (BGBRG Dreihackengasse/Graz) and since 2000 professor of clarinet at theUniversity ofMusic and Performing Arts Graz. There he has also been coordinator of courses and chairman of the curricula-committee.  Bertram Egger has been participating in several orchestras and ensembles and giving concerts at home and abroad. He has completed advanced vocational training with o.Univ. Prof. Peter SCHMIDL, o.Univ. Prof. Alois BRANDHOFER and Prof. Wenzel FUCHS. Since 1987 he has been the head of international clarinet courses inSpain(Valencia, Zaragoza, Cullera, Rafal,...) and holding clarinet seminars inSlovenia(Maribor). He is the head of ClarinettissimoAustriaand of Big-Band Cross at the BG-BRG Dreihackengasse/ Graz. 



Program of Summer Academy 2013: 

14th July 2013: Arrival of participants

18:00 Opening of the academy, welcome of students and professors (National Theatre)

15th July 2013: 10:00 Master classes

16th July 2013: 10:00 Master classes

17th July 2013:  10:00 Master classes

18th July 2013: 10:00 Master classes

                       20:00 Professors´ gala concert (Red Hall)

10:00 Master classes

19th July 2013: 19:00 Students’ Concert (Red Hall)

20th July 2013: 10:00 Master classes (University of Pristina, Faculty of Arts)

                       19:00 Students´ concert (Red Hall)

21st July 2013: 10:00 Master classes

22nd July 2013: 10:00 Master classes

                        19:00 Students´ concert (Red Hall)

23rd July 2013: 10:00 Master classes

                       19:00 Closing ceremony, concert and award of the best students (Red Hall)

24th July 2013: Departure of participants


For more details, please kindly refer to the WEBsite: