17th July 2013: Exhibition - all proceeds went to SOS Children's Village


SOS Children’s Villages started working with Kosovan Albanians when they fled from the conflict as refugees to Albania in 1999. As they returned to Kosovo, and in view of the terrible social conditions, SOS Children’s Villages decided to work directly in Kosovo. 

In the past decades, SOS Children’s Villages has continued to support Kosovan families and children through family-based care, kindergartens and social centres in the capital city of Pristina. 

At present there is one SOS Children's Village in Kosovo, one SOS Kindergarten and four SOS Social Centres.

For more information please kindly refer to WEBsite: http://www.sos-childrensvillages.org/where-we-help/europe/kosovo/Pages/default.aspx

Short introduction of the amateur artist:
Dimitar Boyanov Dimitrov
Artist - amateur
Born: 1978, Pavlikeni, Bulgaria
2002, National Military University
2007, Masrer degree, International Economic Relations, University of Veliko Tarnovo
EULEX in Kosovo: Border Police Officer
In Bulgaria: Head of security, Varna Airport