11th Sept.2013: OeKG meeting with Avdyl Cetaj


“What is architecture?”


A lecture on the development trends of architecture through the history.


A critical review of the development trends of the moment when man has built his first 


shelter up to the cotemporary architecture.


Description with practice analyses of the dominant architectural styles which have left 


traces in social development during those periods.


Impacts of architecture in everyday life and “Vice versa”:


- Social Impacts


- Economic Impacts


- Political Impacts


- Impacts of Religion


- Regional Impacts


- Climate Impacts


A study with analysis and comments on everyday architecture.


Development trends, the evolution of the everyday elements that form architecture.


The things we see, touch or use every day and maybe have not ever thought of the 


time has been invested (hours, days, or even years) to achieve the final form 


or function for a single product. 


Everything in life is an evolution.


And in the end a presentation of local architecture- Kosovo throughout history, including traditional styles, Kula and many more.