18. Oktober 2013: Wasserkraft in Peja - Unterzeichnung Servitutsvertrag zw. der Gemeinde Peja u. Kelkos Energy Peja


Das Investitionsvolumen beträgt insgesamt rd. 120 Mio. Euro und ist damit die größte Privatinvestition im Lande (ausgenommen Privatisierungsvorhaben). Der Bau wird 5-6 Jahre dauern und insgesamt in 5 Kaskaden verlaufen. Bereits 2015 hofft man mit der Stromerzeugung beginnen zu können. Die Gemeinde Peja setzt damit neue Maßstäbe in der Gewinnung sauberer Energie. Die Realisierung dieses Vorzeigeprojektes ist nur durch die gute Kooperation der Gemeinde, der staatlichen Zentralstellen und des Baumanagements, aber insbesondere auch des Patriarchats von Peja möglich geworden.



Press statement of KelKos Energy Peja 


It was a special pleasure for KelKos Energy Peja to welcome on the occasion of the signing 

of the Servitude Contract with Peja Municipality on 18 October 2012 Mayor Dr. Berisha, the 

Austrian Ambassador Dr. Brieger and numerous honorable representatives of Peja 

Municipality. All of them have contributed to making this unique energy project possible. 


All over Europe we see today a great need for green energy. The nuclear accident of 

Fukushima underlined the necessity to invest into save and environmentally friendly energy 

production and safeguarding a sustainable development of economic growth. In Kosovo 

temporary energy shutdowns as well as high costs for energy imports underline every day 

that the autonomous energy supply of Kosovo is an objective, yet to be achieved. Here in 

Peja it is no exception, its citizens cannot rely on 24 hour energy supply, on the opposite. 


KelKos Energy Peja, with the know-how of Kelag concern, has chosen Kosovo as focus point 

for its Balkan investments into hydropower plants and the generation of green energy. 


For Kelkos Energy Peja environmental protection, ecological compatibility of its facilities with 

the surrounding nature and the active cooperation with the local people regarding 

environmental quality and operational security are cornerstones of its company philosophy. 


Similar to the ongoing project development in Decan valley, the Peja River cascade project 

design, which will once be the most powerful hydropower cascade ever built in Kosovo, 

follows international state of the art concepts and implements environmental guidelines of 

European standards. 


The special location of the project in the vicinity of the Peja Patriarchate and the 

precondition, to preserve the natural habitat of Rugova valley as touristic focus point of Peja 

people, have been key parameters for the project design and make this project the biggest 

private investment in Kosovo since the war. At the same time it shows that the coexistence of 

economic development and protection of the environmental and cultural heritage of a region 

are not a contradiction any more in the 21 century, even in the Balkans. 


For KelKos Energy Peja the partnership with Peja Municipality and the people of Peja is a 

cornerstone of this project. For the region the energy supply situation will improve 

dramatically. With a total investment of more than 120 Mio Euros, many additional jobs will 

be created, both in the mid and the long term. Construction works will be executed with 

company partners from inside Kosovo. The tax balance of the municipality will benefit 

substantially from the construction works. As a side effect, the infrastructure along Rugova 

valley will be improved, both in terms of road conditions and with regard to future protection 

against river flooding. Together with Peja municipality, even the possibility of constructing a 

small reservoir, which can be utilized for local recreation, is currently assessed. 


This hydropower plant cascade of 5 power plants, with a total installed capacity of about 60 

MW, will produce after its completion more than 150 GWh of energy, which equals the 

annual energy demand of around 75.000 households. The construction works will last for 6 

years, the first energy may be produced at the end of the year 2015.