11th Dec.2013: OeKG Board X-mas lunch - looking for a NEW OeKG Secretary (immediately) and a NEW President (latest by end of 2014)


that you write the reports of the OeKG Board Meetings and help with organizing the Nikolaus event. At he regular meetings it would be great if you could also help making photos together with our president, so that Roswitha Brieger, can put them on our WEBsite. 

Secondly we also said  thank you with this lunch to the whole OeKG Board, who spent endless hours with the work for this organization, all unpaid of course, simply volunteering. THANK you to all of you and also thank you to the helpers, who help out from time to time. 

Last but not least, OeKG is also searching for a NEW PRESIDENT for OeKG as of end of 2014, because in 2015 the Brieger Family will move to the next posting and there are so many things to organize, so please if you are interested write us via e-mail: info@oekg-ks.org. 

Short job description of the President: organize the data bank and update on a regular basis of our OeKG members as well as the data bank of our mailing list. Organize each monthly OeKG meeting, send information out to the members, negotiate with WELTBUND, the head organization of all Austrian Clubs, write and answer to ALL e-mails, find sponsors, write and  send sponsor invoices to them or phone them,make the book keeping before it goes for the final touch to Andreas Fritz, our treasurer. Answer to all other requests which are sent to OeKG,  organize or co-ordinate the Barbecue, the Easter Egg Hunting and the Nikolaus event and the biggest work load of ALL, is to update our WEBsie on a regular basis. We are, as you all know, very up to date with our news and photogallery on the WEBpage.