5th February 2014: Meeting of OeKG


In this book Elisabeth Kaestli  tells about  the frugal life in the rural areas of the mountain village Kërbliq, the tale of the different, partly adventurous life of the brothers and sisters Reka who emigrated in different countries. Her book documents the life stories of the Reka family in precise details; illustrates the paths of migration as we witness them nowadays manyfold in Europe. Today the brothers and sisters meet every year in the summer in Kosovo. Their strong net of solidarity and belonging together has held over the years abroad.


 "7 Brüder, 7 Schwestern" is the third book of Elisabeth Kaestli dealing with the Balkan region; earlier she published  "Frauen in Kosova - Lebensgeschichten aus Krieg und Wiederaufbau" (Women in Kosova -  life stories from war and reconstruction) and  "Gräben und Brücken - Freundschaften vor und nach den Kriegen im Balkan" (Ditches and bridges - friendships before and after the wars in the Balkans); all by Limmat Verlag, Zürich, Switzerland.


Elisabeth Kaestli lives since 2010 in Kosovo. In case you are interested in purchasing one of her books, please kindly contact her via e-mail: e.kaestli@bluewin.ch


Furthermore Roswitha Brieger  introduced the new rapporteur of OeKG, successor of Beate Dastel, Mrs. Sabine Putscher  - you can read more about her under: http://www.oekg-ks.org/?cid=2,3,16

A big applause was given to Sabine Putscher, who also volunteers now for OeKG - (Österreichisch-Kosovarische Gesellschaft) - the Austrian Kosovo Association. Thank you for joining us. 


More photos you can find under: http://www.oekg-ks.org/?cid=2,8