6th April 2014 to 7th April 2014: Visit of the 11th StratFüLG at AUTCON 30 / KFOR


chief of staff of EULEX, explained the critical role of EULEX in the area of rule of law, Mr. Jan Malekzade spoke about UNMIK, Mr. Philipp Annawitt (Senior Program Officer) talked about the scope of work for the OSCE in Kosovo and at the end Mr. Gerhard Schlattl from the WKO took a close look at the possibilities for Austrian investors.

In the evening all participants got invited to a "Heurigen Buffet" at the Austrian Ambassador's residence, where Dr.Johann Brieger and his wife Roswitha also welcomed many other guests - among them they had the honour to welcome Madam President Atifete JAHAGA, who shortly before arrived at Pristina airport from Panama and New York and came directly to this event.

In this more relaxed atmosphere the participants had conversations with various other Austrian representatives here in Kosovo and got a broader picture.

On the next day, Monday, the group visited Gazimestan and the monument of Sultan Murad and received a presentation of special eqipment used by the Austrian KFOR contingent (InfKp, IMPKp, AufklKP, EUDEt, NAEt).

More photos you can find soon under: http://www.oekg-ks.org/?cid=2,8