7th April & 8th April 2014: Piano Concert of Joja Wendt - 'With 88 keys around the world'




" A few days without a piano and I really get nervous" asserts Joja Wendt. "I constantly hunger for the keys, five hours playing feels like only one hour to me." Joja Wendt is a pianist through and through, his concerts fill the largest concert halls. He is, without doubt, technically brilliant and driven when at his instrument. However, when he talks about his music, easily sitting back and yet elegant, it seems impossible that this man could ever get nervous. Even his small talk is 'great entertainment'. - Joja Wendt is charming, attentive, articulate and quick witted, in a word: poised. A characteristic that not only his audience appreciate. He has reached the point, where his name is used synonymously with that of his instrument: Joja Wendt = Piano.