6th May 2014: Visit of Mayor of Mitrovica South


Trepca but sees also a good potential for investments, desperately needed to provide the young people of Mitrovica with hope for a better future.

"It does not matter whether people invest in the south or in the north and it is not important of which ethnicity people are. The important thing is that there will be investments and jobs generated", so Mayor Bahtiri.

Ambassador Brieger commended the approach outlined by the mayor and reiterated Austria's continued support. It was also particularly positive to hear from the mayor that he has ordered observation cameras and renovation work at the serb cemetery in the South, a gesture most welcome and an important step towards building much needed mutual trust. In concluding Ambassador Brieger invited the mayor to participate at "Eurexibition", a photo-exhibition put together by kosovar and serb photographers, which will be jointly organized by the IG Alpbach Pristina and the IG Alpbach Belgrade. The exhibition will be opened by the former Vice-Chancelor auf Austria and President of Forum Alpbach, Erhard Busek. It will take place at the ICBM in Mitrovica on Saturday, May 10th at 14.00 hours.