7th May 2014: OeKG monthly meeting at 18h30 at Pinocchio Restaurant


Synopsis:  Marilyn Kott introduced Kosovo Dog Project 2014 (KDP14).  KDP14 is a new NGO formed in January 2014 for the purpose of strengthening and enforcing legislation in Kosovo to humanely manage the stray and owned dog and cat population.  The objective is to enable people, dogs and cats to live in harmony, without the sad, unhealthy and sometimes scary situation caused by abandoned, homeless dogs and cats.

She began by telling the story of 2 stray dogs in Dragodan – Violet and Brownie.  Violet is a sweet gray dog who was fostered and cared for by an Austrian family, until a family in the USA agreed to adopt her.  Violet now lives with her family in Maryland.  Brownie, a sweet brown and white dog, met a painful and untimely death after being injured.  These two stories tell what happens to most stray dogs in Kosovo, with Violet’s story being very rare, and Brownie’s story the most likely end.  Those dogs and cats, abandoned by their owners to live in the streets, aren’t cared for by Kosovo’s governments in great enough numbers, and are rarely adopted by people here. 

KDP14 has drafted legislation for dog and cat management in Kosovo, based on the best practices in Slovenia, Austria, Germany and the USA, and meeting the requirements of EU Written Document 0026/2011.  In the draft legislation, dog and cat owners, pet sellers, veterinarians and local governments all have responsibilities for dogs and cats, and work together to keep the abandoned animal population at the minimum.   This benefits all people in Kosovo, as well as the dogs and cats.Part of KDP14 is provided by South Kosovo Dog and Cat Shelter (SKDCS), whose dog and cat capture, shelter, care, adoption and spay/neuter/vaccinate clinic would be absorbed by the Government of Kosovo and expanded.KDP14 is working on final edits with the responsible Agency in the Government of Kosovo.  Our goal is to complete the draft Legislation, and get it put on Parliament’s agenda for passage when the new government convenes after the June 8th elections.

contact: Kdp14inquiries@outlook.com

website: kosovodogproject2014.org

More photos from SKDCS and their photographic record on the internet:




Mr. Gerald Wilflingseder (CEO of M&Sillosi) shared his views after almost four years in Kosovo and talked about Challenges of an international investor in Kosovo. 



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