9th May 2014: Opening of a kosovo-serbian photo Exhibition „EuroXibition“ in Mitrovica North


Opening of a kosovo-serbian photo Exhibition „EuroXibition“ in Mitrovica North


A few years ago, when young people from Kosovo and Serbia met at the Forum Alpbach the idea to do a joint photo exhibition was born and with it the wish to overcome prejustice, stereotyps and myths about the "others".


The result were these photographs, which showed the question and wishes for a common future in a combined Europe.


After being displayed in Pristina, Belgrad, Vienna, Brussels and Zagreb this exhibition from kosovan and serbian photographers has been opened now with the support of the Austrian Embassay in Kosovo  on 10th May 2014 at the International Business College in Mitrovica, where this exhibition will be on display for one week.


The former President of Forum Alpbach and former Coordinator of the Stability Pact for South East Europe  Mr. Erhard Busek accompanied this exhibition from the beginning and was also holding the opening speech. He reinforced the importance of the engagement of these young people and asked them to continue and not to stop there. This was also the reason for lively discussions afterwards and to develop new ideas......

The kosovo-serbian photo Exhibition „EuroXibition“ in North Mitrovica - unfortunately had to be closed after 4 days only - request of people there - originally it has been planned  to be shown for 2 weeks - a pitty!!.

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