16th to 18th May 2014: POLIP – International Literature Festival - 4th Edition


invited others to follow that example, cross the borders and close the gap. He also referred to the important role of the arts in general and the writers in particular as the mirror and soul of a society. "The stronger a society, the greater the variety and space for the arts".

The opening speech was followed by the first group of readings by authors from AL, KOS and SRB (Vladimir Arsenijeviæ (SRB), Visar Zhiti (AL), Filip David (SRB), Lisiana Demiraj (AL) and Eli Krasniqi (RKS). 

Edona Reshitaj entertained the crowd with lovely songs in Albanian, English and French until late that night.

The Literature Festival is running until Sunday, May 18th, with a very nice program still coming.



Photos: © Arben Llapashtica and Roswitha Brieger