22nd May 2014: Kosovo - Austrian Project of Encounter


Begegnungsprojekt - Empowermentstrategien für Frauen / Supporting, protecting and promoting the rights and interests of women and girls - an experience exchange between Women from Kosovo and Austria - Begegnungsreise: 19. bis 23. Mai 2014

Name d.Teilnehmer



Maria Rigler


Frauenreferat Land NÖ

Brigitte Holzner



Vera Ginner


Frauenhaus Amstetten

Maria Imlinger


Migrantinnenberatung St. Pölten

Ursula Kromoser


Frauenberatung Amstetten

Irina Baumgartner


Zeitschrift Frauensolidarität


Cooperation between Kosovo Women’s Network (KWN) and Südwind NÖ – Association for Development Policy, Lower Austria

The project’s overall objective is to increase and improve women’s participation in municipal decision-making processes through capacity building and development of gender equality and empowerment of women and women’s organizations. The focus will be on political empowerment.


The Aim of these exchanges will be to share strategies for furthering women’s rights, especially in rural areas:

·         To exchange experiences in every day life

·         To learn about rural women’s lives in Austria and in Kosovo

·         To exchange good practices

·         To find commonalities and differences

·         To strengthen each other


Activities in Austria and Kosovo:

·         visiting to programmes, projects and institutions which are relevant for women’s political empowerment

·         exchange, reflections, and discussions


Concept of education and empowerment, used by Austrian rural women:


Due to a concept of education which was developed by Austrian rural women, the education process will start with women’s own experiences in every day life. After getting distance from their usual environment, women reflect about their own situation. This first step allows them to broaden their perceptions about what is happening in their own society and facilitates their awareness raising. Women are able to see other perspectives and alternatives for action. In a next step, challenges and problems as well as sources for empowerment will be identified. Self-consciousness and self-confidence will be strengthened. Through sharing of perceptions, thoughts and feelings within the group, women will be mutually empowered. The next step would be solidarity among women and will open possibilities to act together for social change.



Project management: Dr. Gertrude Eigelsreiter-Jashari


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