21st to 22nd June 2014: Youth Minigolf Tournament in Pristina


During these two days of this weekend FMGK and OESK ensured transport, food, safety and the good proceed of the activity itself.  For the young winners the organizers shared some modest rewards and the Austrian Ambassador Dr.Johann Brieger, who happened to be there also playing mini golf himself with his wife,  had the honour to present the first three prizes to the students. Congratulations to all of them.

The purpose of this activity is to reward the most outstanding students of the schools, their ability to get more familiar with a relatively new sport in Kosovo and the eventual discovery of a talent of these students, who or which may remain part of any of the mini golf teams existent in Kosovo to further advance international racing in Europe and beyond.


Independent Organisation of Sport Education in Kosovo - OESK


The mission of the Independent Organization of Sports Education in Kosovo (OESK) is to provide a good opportunity to all Federations, Clubs and Sportsmen in Kosovo, also offer a guaranteed platform of sports education to all clubs and regions, regardless Nationality, Religion and Culture.


According to its charter, OESK's task is; planning, managing, co-organizing and development of educations, trainings, and other sports activities in Kosovo. OESK will be responsible of basic sports education, leadership, organization and management of clubs, the work with young-age groups, democracy in sport, ecological environment and sports, fluids and nutrition, physical exercises of mental strength, fair play, sports as anti-racism and discrimination etc.




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