15th September 2014: Josef Winkler


Josef Winkler was born on 3rd March 1953 in Kamering, a small village (192 inhabitants) near Paternion in Kärnten/Austria. He lived during his childhood in Kärnten, where he went to school, and then to school in Villach. His works often have a Roman Catholic setting. Homosexuality as well as death are central topics in his books. Winkler is married and has a son (18) and a daughter (11). He lives with his family in Klagenfurt.


When I asked him, why he did not mention at the discussion and readings yesterday his mother, he did not reply immediately but was thinking a long time, before he said: "Yes, maybe not my father was the problem, maybe it was my mother."


Not so long ago he wrote a requiem for her - a book with the title: "Mutter und der Bleistift"


For his works he received many literature prices. Winkler has won almost every major literary prize in Germany and Austria.


Für sein Werk wurde er mit vielen Preisen ausgezeichnet, u.a. mit dem manuskripte-Preis, dem André-Gide-Preis, dem Großen Österreichischen Staatspreis für Literatur und 2008 mit dem Georg-Büchner-Preis. 2009 erhielt er zudem das Ehrendoktorat der Universität Klagenfurt. Publikationen (u.a.): „Der Leibeigene“ (1987), „Das wilde Kärnten" (1995); „Natura Morta (2001), „Leichnam, seine Familie belauernd" (2003); „Roppongi. Requiem für einen Vader österreichischen Botschaft und der Österreich-Bibliothek zu den Lesungen des vielfach ausgezeichneten österreichischen Schriftstellers Josef Winkler.



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