30th October 2014: Premiere of 'Your stories, my story'


Few words from and about the Choreographer:


"I set out to meet a group of people, native to a territory that is foreign to me.

Pristina is full of movement: This area of the world is full of Movement - how do I tap this flow of energies and capture the moments of turbulence, flight, expulsion, desire and departure, to arrive peacefully here and now?

I asked them to tell me their stories, which are woven in the fabric of a new born country. Personal stories, full of hope, told with the body with the ageless music of Johan Sebastian Bach, empowered with the vitality of the young ensemble of Kosovo National Ballet."    -       Darrel Toulon, Pristina October 2014.

Darrel Toulon, born in Dominica and educated in the UK, is one of the most prominent choreographers in Europe.

Since 2001/2002 Ballet Director of the Modern Dance Company of the Opera Graz (Austria) and has created over 22 dance pieces, commissioning and producing over 50 dances pieces also in collaboration with over 20 Internationally renowned Choreographers.

Teacher and Lecturer at University of Fine Arts in Graz, Seminar Leader at European Forum Alpbach, he has gained an excellent reputation as a Jury member of several International Choreographic Competitions and teaches regularly at the best Conservatories in Europe.

Darrel Toulon works for the first time with National Ballet of Kosovo.