7th March 2012: 2nd Meeting of OeKG - Kosovo Minister for Environment, H.E. Dardan GASHI, was guest speaker


In a very inspiring contribution Minister GASHI informed OeKG-members about the many challenges this young country and his Ministry are facing in his area of competence. This included the prepared bill for Construction, which should provide a good basis for the legalization of illegal constructions. He also reported on developments concerning gravel extraction from river beds, the potential for renewable energy and planned Austrian investments in that area. He also referred to recent progress on the question of developing a sanctuary for bears kept in captivity in Kosovo expressing his hope, that in the course of 2012 a new home should be found for the twelve bears in Kosovo living under dire circumstances.

Our thanks go to Minister GASHI for his readiness to address the OeKG and his personal dedication in assisting the OeKG to become a strong platform of exchange on issues relevant to Austria and Kosovo.

OeKG is very proud to have accumulated 11 new members yesterday and has now already 38 members. THANK YOU to all of you and WELCOME to our society.