27th November 2014: Karlheinz Kopf, 2nd President of the National Council, in Kosovo


With them he had an interesting exchange on the challenging developments in the country and reassured the kosovan partners of the continuing Austrian support. He also paid a visit to the Austrian KFOR soldiers, who, with currently 530 troops in theatre, make a serious contribution to the security in Kosovo. The President also was pleased to see ADA signing a substantial cooperation program with the Kosovo Women's Network to support their work in strengthening the position of women in society. In the eveing Karlheinz Kopf met at a working dinner Austrian representatives of KFOR, ADA, UNMIK, OeSZE, Advantage Austria and other big business representatives at the Austrian Ambassador's residence.



Foto sources: Office of Mme President, Office of Kosovo Women's Network, the Nato Office, Koha Ditore, Zeri Info

Fotos from residence: ©Rowitha Brieger