4th December 2014: OeKG celebrates Nikolaus with their members


Then Roswitha Brieger  explained in a few sentences the Nikolaus Story - Nikolaus lived many years ago in Patara and he was extremely rich but abdicated all his wealth and gave everything to the poor. Berta Hamza translated into English.


Moral of the Nikolaus story is: esp. at this time of the year, no actually the whole year, one should think also of the poor ones who are less fortunate and give them also some of their wealth or at least donate some money or other goods to them and also treat every living being (including animals) with respect and dignity. There is no need to torture anybody who lives on this earth.


Also in this sense, giving something to the poor, OeKG donated a cheque to  "Duart Plotë Mëshirë" ("Hands of Mercy"), an NGO organization founded 1999 by an Austrian nun and nurse with the name Maria Martha Fink (74 years old). This organization  "Duart Plotë Mëshirë" ("Hands of Mercy") is situated in Peja and is active in the social and medical field and provides geriatric care and nursing, parental counselling, psycho-social children's care, and youth care in an ecologic "permaculture" programme and is teaching children with special needs. Their mission is also providing material support and other forms of support for children with disabilities from families with poor economic condition, etc.

The Director of this organization, Mr. Rudolf Krasniqi, took over the donation and expressed his gratitude to OeKG and hopes to find more donors for this wonderful organization. In case you also want to donate / support NGO “Duart Plote Meshire” “Hands of Mercy ” “Hӓnde voll Erbarmen” -Pejë, address:  Vitomerice II  30090 Pejë Tel / Fax - 00 381 39 441 457  

Mob. 044/199 43044/199 430044/199 430 or Email address: shtepiaeshpreses@hotmail.com,

webpage: www.dpm-rks.org   please donate your money directly to: 


Hilfprojekt KOSOVO, "Hände voll Erbarmen", "Duart Plote Meshire)account number / IBAN code: AT47 5300 0014 5402 5020 SWIFT code: HYPNATWWXXX


Then finally came Nikolaus with wonderful presents, red Niklolaus bags, produced by the women of "Ideas Partnership". What does belong into a typical Nikolaus bag? An apple, nuts, mandarines, oranges, chocolate Nikolaus, chocolate Krampus,  surprise egg and many other small goodies. The children were really excited as were their parents. At the end they had the opportunity to take photos with Nikolaus.


All the remaining bags also have been donated to “Duart Plote Meshire” “Hands of Mercy ” "Hände voll Erbarmen" and then the adults as well as the children wanted to take a photo with Nikolaus.


Apparently this year all the children behaved very well, so there was NO Krampus present.


Mr. Avdyl Cetaj, vice president of OeKG, handed over flowers to the president Roswitha Brieger and the rapporteur Sabine Putscher and thanked them for their ongoing work, because both of them will leave OeKG next year, when the new Board will be elected by the OeKG members on Wednesday, 14th January 2014, at 6.30 pm at Restaurant Pinocchio.


More photos you can find under photogallery: http://www.oekg-ks.org/?cid=2,8


The OeKG team wishes all the children and their parents a wonderful Nikolaus and a reflective advent season.