10th December 2014: OeKG Board X-mas lunch


This lunch is also used as an opportunity to say "Thank you" for the hard and unpaid work the OeKG Board is doing the whole year for the organization and their members. For this reason also their partners have been invited to this X-mas / THANK YOU lunch.


The Vice President Avdyl Cetaj and the treasurer Andreas Fritz were also so kind and thanked the president of OeKG, Roswitha Brieger and the rapporteur of OeKG, Sabine Putscher for their hard work and said already "Good bye" in a smaller frame to them by giving them both flowers.


Of course at the General Assembly on 14th January 2015 there will be a possibility for all OeKG members  to say "Good bye"  for the last time to the present team and welcome the new  OeKG Board.


It would be wonderful if as many as possible OeKG members could come to this General Assembly in January.  Thank you in advance.