14th January 2015: General Assemby


for children as well as the Summer BBQ for OeKG members.


At the end she was very proud also to be able to announce that OeKG not only tried to strengthen the cultural, social and scientific relations between Austria and Kosovo by sharing traditions, culture and history of both places, positioning both Austria and Kosovo within a larger international community, but also organized the first "Wiener Ball" in Kosovo.


The Austrian Kosovo Association supported during her presidency many charity projects directly or indirectly through her constant efforts  to get sponsors for these charity projects. 


Then Mr. Andreas Fritz suggested the new team: Mr. Günther Fehlinger as president, Avdyl Cetyj and Andreas Fritz as vice presidents, Senton Kacaniku as rapporteur. The new team found full support by the members and was accepted unanimously. Congratulations!


Roswitha Brieger, the outgoing president, welcomed the incoming, new president of OeKG (Austrian Kosovo Association) Günther Fehlinger and congratulated him and his new team.


Vice President Avdyl Cetaj thanked Roswitha Brieger (Ex-President) and Sabine Putscher (Rapporteur) for their ongoing work, gave them flowers and wished them all the best for their future.



Mr. Blerim Rexha suggested that Roswitha Brieger should be awarded the Honorary Presidency of OeKG - the Austrian Kosovo Association, which the present members highly supported. Roswitha Brieger was deeply touched and thanked all of them, esp. her team, all the OeKG members, the ball committee and last but certainly not least her husband, the Austrian Ambassador to Kosovo, Dr.Johann Brieger for their ongoing support and great help throughout these last few years.



Roswitha Brieger and Ambassador Johann Brieger  will leave Kosovo this year to go to their next posting therefore she resigned in time in order to be able to hand over her responsibilities of OeKG to Mr. Günther Fehlinger and his new team.



Last but not least, Roswitha Brieger congratulated Mr. Avdyl Cetaj to his birthday and all the members were singing "Happy Birthday...."



"Good luck to all of you and esp. to the new team" were Roswitha Brieger's last words.



More photos you can find under photogallery: http://www.oekg-ks.org/?cid=2,8