9th Aug. 2012: Visit of the Paedriatic Clinic in Pristina (Charity Project of 1st Wiener Ball)




really great to see that not only the children don’t suffer even more due to the bright sunlight but even the temperature in the rooms became bearable due to the possibility to shut out the sunlight with the newly installed blinds provided through the support of OeKG. You can see the difference on the picture board. The OeKG Board wanted to thank you all for the great contributions to our ball, because without your help, of each and every single one of you, this would not have been possible. THANK YOU.

In case you want to give more to the Paedriatic clinic, please feel free to contact Dr. Muharrem Avdiu, the new director of the clinic,  or Mrs.Zylfie Avdiu, the main nurse of the clinic directly under Telephone number:

Dr. Muharrem AVDIU - director of paedriatic clinic 044 173 521

Mrs.Zylfie AVDIU - Chief nurse at paedriatic clinic: 044 160 704