24.Sept.-1.Oct.2012 Pristina Film Festival



Coni hardly ever sleeps.l A wagon pusher at a parcel service by day/ a musician by night and a single father caring for a 3-year old daughter in between. At this poorly paid reggae gigs in little clubs, he is in beat, but the rest of his life runs off-beat. Muddling through is the rule of thumb for his live and meanwhile he hase gotten used to it. Things acutally work out quite well unteil the moment the child's mother suddenly appears after half a year and again takes up her place in the family triangle, whereby Coni - by now, halfway in a new relationship - entirely unravels in the mesh of half-hearted matters. Cast: Conrado Molina, Namiya Ethel, Emily Cox, Michael Fuith. 

Regisseur/Director:  Catalina Molina

Producers: David Bohun and Senad Halibasc

Director of Photography: Klemens Hufnagl



In a remarkable manner the Austrian's borders symbolize the history and formation of European borders - of the disappearing ones and those newly drawn - they are old and new at the same time. Old, because3 of the deep trenches that evolved alongside their lines and the scars left behind that are still plapable. Old as well, because there have been different imitations. 100 years ago than thereafter and because these old transgressors have been revived. New. because the4y are disappearing (again) in the course of the expansion of the European Union. New as well, because they are reset at the external borders of the Schengen countries, just a few hundred kilometers from where they were before. The film accompanies the gifted writer Robert Menasse to the inner and older borders of his country in the heart of Europe, on his quest for4 a European culture into a new, never known boundlessness as well as for new borders. "Crossing borders" illustrates the limitations in minds and in landscapes as well as in culture and politics. 

Regisseur/Director: Kurt Langbein

Procuder: Kurt Langbein

Scriptwriter: Robert Menasse and Kurt Langbein

Editor: Angela Feingruber

Music by: Otto Lechner and Toni Burger